Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy – DIT

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) is a structured, short-term, individual therapy. DIT targets specifically symptoms of anxiety and depression and helps to improve how people function in their relationships. More specifically, it aims to increase people’s awareness on their current emotional difficulties, such as anxiety and depression, and how they are linked with what is going on in their relationships. DIT focuses on identifying and addressing problematic interpersonal patterns that may be traced back to early relationships and are repeated in current ones.

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy Benefits

DIT could help you develop healthier ways of being in, as well as coping with, important relationships in your life. The main principle of this therapy model suggests that psychological distress overall dissipates when people are able to address relationship issues more effectively.

With the DIT approach, you’ll be actively encouraged to reflect on what you think and feel about yourself and others, aiming to enhance your awareness of your interpersonal difficulties. This new awareness will help you to identify problematic relationship patterns, which in turn could support you in addressing them more effectively while, at the same time, relieving your symptoms of distress and enhancing your interpersonal functioning.

Dr Zach offers DIT therapy / counselling online and in-person in London.